The Art of Engineering & Design

Innovative techniques, customized interior planning allows us to skyrocket to success and maintain a strong and loyal clientele.

The Art of Engineering & Design

Simple, Reliable, Beautiful

Seamless Integration was founded in 2008 and has become locally recognized as a leading audio visual and technology integration firm. Creative solutions, innovative designs, and impeccable service have allowed us to maintain a strong loyal client base. We pride ourselves on pulling of the impossible and designing solutions that “couldn’t be done”.


Seeing is believing, so we like our work to speak for itself. We aren't the largest AV firm and we definitely aren't cheapest. But we are very good at what we do and our clients are extremely happy with our work. 


Our experienced team of professionals and industry partners can guide you on any technology project you can imagine.


Deep industry knowledge and experience allows us to design and develop creative solutions that are often overlooked by competitors.


Our technicians have years of field experience and have successfully completed projects in almost every industry and sector. 


We provide unmatched support and service for our clients allowing them to maintain uptimes and keep service calls down.  

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Whether it's an office, university, house of worship, or a museum, we put aesthetics first when we design an AV solution. Functionality and architecture can co-exist, so we do our best to make technology disappear into the environment.


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